Never get caught offguard.

Once a day, get an email telling you the number of days until important stuff happens.

Never too early. Only once it matters.

Here's what you'll see:

On this date
July 14th (today)
Your morning email
In 4 days, it's Jack and Jill's wedding.
In 9 days, your subscription to Bloomberg renews.
In 17 days, it's Samantha's birthday.

How it works


Add Birthdays

Add the birthdays of your close friends and family. You'll be reminded only once their birthday gets close.

Add Subscriptions

You can add your monthly and yearly subscriptions, like Netflix or Spotify. You'll get reminded only before they are set to renew. These gentle daily reminders give you time to think about whether you really want to keep the service.

Add One-Time Events

These are things that are only going to happen once, like a big test or a wedding.

Add Recurring Events

You can also add generic events that repeat each month or year.

Add Sports Teams

Get automatic reminders for your favorite sports teams.

Adjust Advanced Notice

Choose how many days in advance you want to be reminded of each event. This lets you forget about things until you need to know.

Choose Time of Day

Choose what time of day you want to receive your daily email. We recommend the time you normally wake up.

Recieve Emails Every Day

You'll receive an email every day with a list of events that are coming up.


So what's the point of this app, anyway? Is it really that hard to remember your mom's birthday?
If someone asked you to recite your mom's birthday, can you do it?
Of course you can.
But, have there ever been years where you forget about it until far too late?
You lose track of the date for a few days, and then out of nowhere, you realize her birthday is today, and that you haven't bought a present yet.
So now, what are your options? (Let's assume you live far away.) A digital gift card?
Nothing quietly says “I forgot” like a day-of digital gift card.
The beauty of T-Minus Daily is not only that you're reminded ahead of time, but that you're reminded gradually.
Let's say you've added your mom's birthday to the app, and you set the advanced notice to 2 weeks.
Two weeks out, you get the first email. You don't have to do anything about it right then. But the ball gets rolling in your head. You start thinking about what to get her.
Realistically, you can not act on it for about 10 more days. But every morning, you're gently reminded that the date is getting closer.
There's no way you'll be caught off guard. You can get her a really good present, maybe one that takes a whole week to ship.
All the same logic applies to subscriptions.
Let's say you pay $60 a year for some service that you sometimes use. Occasionally, you think about canceling it.
Once you've added the subscription to the app, you'll get a reminder a few days before it renews. You'll have a few days to mull it over.
Of course, you can set a regular calendar appointment, and you don't need our app to do that.
But what if you happen to be busy when it pops up? If you miss it, you're stuck paying for it for another year.

Building anticipation

Another thing that's nice about this app is the feeling of anticipation.
Most of us occasionally count down the days to a big upcoming event.
A wedding. A vacation. Something like that.
Counting down the days adds excitement. It builds anticipation.
T-Minus Daily makes anticipation an effortless (and subtle) part of your life.

Sound good?

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